Appearance Information

(Updated January 1, 2019)

Name: Ethan Long

Born: April 2nd, 1968

Age: 51

Hometown: Camp Hill (Harrisburg), PA, USA

Current Home: Orlando, Florida, USA

Also lived in:  Reading, PA, USA–Killingworth, CT, USA–Sarasota, FL, USA–Tallahassee, FL, USA

Former Elementary School: Robeson Elementary, Birdsboro, PA, USA

Former Middle School: Lemoyne Middle School, Lemoyne, PA, USA

Former High School: 1.) Cedar Cliff HS, Camp Hill, PA, USA  2.) Haddam-Killingworth HS, Higganum, CT, USA (Class of 1986)

College:  Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL, USA, Graduated 1991

Years as a professional: 28

Organizations: SCBWI (current member)

Current Occupation: Children's book author and illustrator, TV Producer, Entertainer

Previous occupations: Picture framer, Construction worker, UPS truck loader, Art instructor (all levels), Caricature Artist, Elementary School textbook designer (Harcourt)

Interests and Activities: Walking for exercise, stretching, cooking, listening to music, watching good movies, traveling with my wife and kids, playing with my dog, mentoring aspiring writers and students

Spouse’s name: Heather

Childrens’ names: Katherine (24), Cooper (17) and Carson (15) 

Presentation Overview

Ethan Long figures he has spent over one trazillion hours writing stories and drawing pictures for children, friends, family and clients. He is the author and/or illustrator of over 100 children’s books, including Fright Club, Big CatTickle the Duck!Scribbles and InkOne Drowsy DragonChamelia & the New Kid in Class, The Wing Wing Brothers, and Up, Tall and High, which won the 2013 Theodor Geisel Award. He is also the creator of the Emmy-nominated animated series Tasty Time with Zefronk which aired worldwide on Disney Channel from 2008-2016.

Ethan’s energy and enthusiasm fuels a presentation filled with hilarious spontaneous drawing, thoughtful insights into what it takes to be an artist, and an overall comedic look at the business of making children’s books.

Minimum days of appearance: 1

Maximum days of appearance: 5

Size of audience preferred: 

  • 20-30 students max. in a Classroom setting,

  • 150-200 students max. in a Media Center, Cafeteria, or Gymnasium setting.

Fee (as of January 1, 2019): $2,900 per day + travel expenses (Airfare, car rental, hotel, airport parking, fuel, food per diem)

Travel preferences: Ethan plans travel, unless requested by host. Host must agree on rates.

Closest airport: Orlando International Airport (MCO)


Please supply Ethan with:

·       Internet access

·       Prometheum board (HDMI hookup is best, but VGA okay.) OR Projector & screen

·       Lavalier, lapel or pendant microphone (not a hand held.)

·       Small table or desk + chair OR Standing lecturn (with surface area big enough for a 13” x 10 “ laptop and a 9” x 12” electronic drawing pad.)

·       Easel

·       Large drawing pad, 24” x 36”

·       1 bottle of water

Presentation A: Something from Nothing

Following a short introduction, Ethan revs up the students’ imaginations by developing a funny character from scratch. Ethan will call on someone from the audience to name their favorite animal. Then, with out-loud counting from the audience, Ethan uses his lighting-quick drawing skills and leadership to illustrate the chosen animal. One idea links to another as the audience input and Ethan’s sketching process grows the original idea into a developed character. Next, through the magic of technology, Ethan takes a snapshot of the sketch and sends it to his laptop computer, where he proceeds to revise the character with his Wacom tablet and pen. Once the drawing is complete, Ethan sends a pdf of the drawing to the teachers and librarians to be used in the students’ writing and/or art activities. For the grand finale, Ethan will read-aloud from one of his books, adding hilarious voices and funny sound effects for the ultimate book reading! The presentation ends with a 5-minute Q & A session. Perfect for all ages. Running time: 45 minutes. WARNING: this presentation can get LOUD! :)


Presentation B: Behind the Curtain

Following a short introduction, Ethan will present the audience with a more in-depth, but equally humorous look at the art of making books and content for children. Topics include the inspiration, the writing, the rewriting, manuscript acceptance, working with editors, crafting the illustration, and the final nitpicking before going to print. Ethan’s honest and comical look inside the process leaves audience members with a rare insight into the real life world of a published author and working artist. The presentation ends with a 5-minute Q & A session. Perfect for ages 13-95. Running time: 45 minutes


 Presentation C: SKYPE visit

Each virtual presentation would include laugh-out-loud commentary, live sketching & developing of stories & characters, and a fun and informative question and answer session. Running time: 15-30 minutes.

Fee for Skype Visit: $350



Board Books

ISBN# 1419713655   Hi!         Ages 0-2    Abrams Appleseed

ISBN# 1419713663  Good Night!          Ages 0-2   Abrams Appleseed

ISBN# 1419713647   Thank You!        Ages 0-2   Abrams Appleseed

ISBN# 1419723056   Decked Out For Christmas!      Ages 0-2   Abrams Appleseed

ISBN# 1452176505   Dump Truck’s Colors        Ages 0-2    Chronicle Books

ISBN# 1452153186  Cement Mixer’s ABC’s         Ages 0-2   Chronicle Books

ISBN# 0316019216    Too Many Kisses!            7.99    Ages 4-8    Little Brown


Picture Books

ISBN# 0823438594   Horse & Buggy: Dance Dance Dance!    14.95    Ages 3-6    Holiday House

ISBN# 82344256X   Horse & Buggy Paint it Out!   14.95    Ages 3-6    Holiday House

ISBN# 161963337X    Fright Club 16.99  Ages 5-8    Bloomsbury

ISBN# 1619634336    Valensteins    16.99  Ages 5-8    Bloomsbury

ISBN# 1681198258    Fangsgiving 16.99  Ages 5-8    Bloomsbury

ISBN# 0399169075    Snickerdoodle Takes the Cake    16.95  Ages 5-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 1452160405    Give Me Back My Book!     16.99     Ages 3-5    Chronicle Books

ISBN# 1452164711     Take a Hike Miles and Spike!     16.99     Ages 3-5    Chronicle Books

ISBN# 0823435393   Big Cat    16.99     Ages 3-5    Amazon/2 Lions

ISBN# 0823436888   Pug     14.99    Ages 3-6    Penguin

ISBN# 0399256110    Up, Tall and High            15.99          Ages 4-8    G.P. Putnam

ISBN# 0399169075    In, Over and On (The Farm)    12.99     Ages 5-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 0823432920   Ms. Spell    15.95          Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 1477847286    Me and My Big Mouse            16.99          Ages 3-5    Amazon/2 Lions

ISBN# 0448478135    Clara and Clem Under the Sea        14.99        Ages 3-6    Penguin

ISBN# 0448467216    Clara and Clem In Outer Space        14.99        Ages 3-6    Penguin

ISBN# 0448462714    Clara and Clem Take a Ride        14.99        Ages 3-6    Penguin

ISBN# 1609052058    Scribbles and Ink            14.00        Ages 4-8    Blue Apple  

ISBN# 1609053664    Scribbles and Ink: Out of the Box    12.99          Ages 5-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 1609053516    Scribbles and Ink: The Contest        14.99          Ages 4-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 1609052196    Scribbles and Ink: Doodles for Two!    14.99          Ages 4-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 0316086126    Chamelia                16.99        Ages 4-8    Little Brown

ISBN# 0316210420    Chamelia & the New Kid in Class    16.99        Ages 4-8    Little Brown    

ISBN# 1442451408    Max and Milo The Mixed-Up Message!    14.99          Ages 4-8    Simon & Schuster

ISBN# 1442451432    Max and Milo Go To Sleep!        14.99          Ages 4-8    Simon & Schuster

ISBN# 0823423200    The Wing Wing Bros. Math Spectacular    15.95          Ages 4-8    Holiday House 

ISBN# 0823429512    The Wing Wing Bros. Geometry Palooza    15.95          Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823426041    The Wing Wing Bros. Carnival De Math    15.95          Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823424283    Pig Has a Plan                14.95        Ages 3-6    Holiday House

ISBN# 0762443543    Soup For One                15.99          Ages 3-6    Running Press

ISBN# 1609050347    Rick & Rack and the Great Outdoors 10.00        Ages 4-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 0399256110    It’s Pooltime!                15.99          Ages 4-8    Blue Apple   

ISBN# 1609050606    The Book That Zack Wrote        12.99        Ages 4-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 0823422917    The Croakey Pokey            14.95        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 1402242395    My Dad, My Hero            12.99        Ages 4-8    Sourcebooks

ISBN# 0545165571    One Drowsy Dragon            16.99        Ages 4-8    Orchard

ISBN# 1582463212    Bird and Birdie in: One Fine Day 14.99        Ages 4-8    Tenspeed Press

ISBN# 1934706485    You & Me: We’re  Opposites            12.99        Ages 4-8    Blue Apple

ISBN# 0823422291    Muddy as a Duck Puddle        16.95        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0545075548    Fritz Danced the Fandango        16.99        Ages 4-8    Scholastic

ISBN# 0823419835    One Little Chicken            16.95        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823422054    Greedy Apostrophe:  A Cautionary Tale 17.95 (HC)    Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 054505060X    Trollerella, Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823419630    The Zombie Nite Café            (n/a)        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823420418    Halloween Skyride             (n/a)        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823419807    Mañana Iguana   17.95 (HC), 6.95 (PB)   Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823422755    Fiesta Fiasco                 16.95 (HC), 6.95 (PB)    Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823421244    Count on Culebra            16.95 (HC), 6.95 (PB)    Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823421805    Tortuga in Trouble            16.95        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823416496    Oh Yeah!       16.95        Ages 4-8    Holiday House

ISBN# 0525472010    Stinky Smelly Feet             15.99        Ages 4-8    Dutton

ISBN# 0525470131    The Day My Runny  Nose Ran Away         (n/a)        Ages 4-8    Dutton



ISBN# 0545039436    The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever!         5.99 (PB)    Ages 4-8    Scholastic

ISBN# 0439873908    The Best Thanksgiving Ever!             5.99 (PB)    Ages 4-8    Scholastic

ISBN# 0439879825    The Spookiest Halloween Ever!         5.99 (PB)            Scholastic

ISBN# 0545112505    Bunny Race!                13.55 (HC)   3.99 (PB)          Scholastic


Chapter Books

ISBN# 0823416429    The Confe$$ion$ & $ecret$ of Howard J. Fingerhut 16.95 (HC), 7.95 (PB)  Ages 9-12    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823420629    Snarf Attack, Underfoodle and the Secret of Life: The Riot BrothersTell All    16.95 (HC), 7.95 (PB)   Ages 9-12    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823422043    Drooling and Dangerous: The Riot Brothers Return     7.95 (PB)  16.95 (HC)    Ages 9-12    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823421961    Stinky and Successful: The Riot Brothers Never Stop 16.95 (HC), 7.95 (PB) Ages 9-12    Holiday House

ISBN# 0823422739    Take the Mummy and Run! The Riot Brothers Are on a Roll!    16.95 (HC),  7.95 (PBAges 9-12    Holiday House

ISBN# 078650110    Super Schnoz    Albert Whitman

I078650110    Stick Dog    Harper Collins

0062110802    Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog   Harper Collins

0062278050   Stick Dog Chases a Pizza  Harper Collins

006227807X    Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream    Harper Collins

006234322X    Stick Dog Slurps Spaghetti    Harper Collins

0062410962    Stick Dog Crashes a Party     Harper Collins

0062343203    Stick Dog Ties to Take the Donuts    Harper Collins

0062411004    Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties     Harper Collins

0062411020    Stick Cat: Cats in the City     Harper Collins

0062411047    Stick Cat: Two Catch a Thief      Harper Collins

0062741189    Stick Cat: Two Cats and a Baby     Harper Collins

Novelty Books

ISBN# 0316001021    Tickle the Duck!            10.99    Ages 4-8    Little Brown

ISBN# 0316001430    Stop Kissing Me!            10.99    Ages 4-8    Little Brown

ISBN# 0316017213    Duck’s Not Afraid of the Dark!    Ages 4-8    Little Brown

ISBN# 0316017221    Have You Been Naughty or Nice?                10.99    Ages 4-8    Little Brown


Joke Books

ISBN# 140274255X    Galaxy’s Greatest Giggles            4.95    Ages 4-8    Sterling

ISBN# 1402742568    Nuttiest Knock Knocks Ever                4.95    Ages 4-8    Sterling

ISBN# 1402759487    No Boredom Allowed!  Paper Games and Puzzles 4.95    Ages 9-12    Sterling

ISBN# 1402750609    No Boredom Allowed!         4.95    Ages 9-12    Sterling

ISBN# 1402769105    Funny Mummy                4.95    Ages 4-8    Sterling

ISBN# 1402749120    The Summer Camp Survival Guide            12.95    Ages 9-12    Sterling

ISBN# 1402218095    My Hippo Has the Hiccups 17.99    Ages 4-8    Sourcebooks


Graphic Novels

ISBN# 082342183X    Wuv Bunnies From Outers Pace             16.95 (HC), 6.95 (PB)  Ages 9-12    Holiday House


Poetry Books

ISBN# 0316020893    Countdown to Summer 15.99    Ages 9-12    Little Brown

ISBN# 1402238338    The Tighty Whitey Spider            9.99    Ages 9-12    Sourcebooks 

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