1st Grade Art Lesson Plan for:

Chamelia and the New Kid in Class

by Ethan Long 


Lesson plan created by Veronica Giles, Art Teacher

Robeson Elementary Center, Birdsboro, PA


People Through Out Time all over the World People Create Art to Convey Stories



Strand 1 Through out time and all over the 

world people create stories that are illustrated. 


National Core    C.C.S.S.

Arts Standards    RL-1,2,3,4,7  VA:Cr2.1.1a,  VA:Cr1.2.1a,  RI-1,2,3,4,6,7  VA:Cr3.1.1a, VA:Pr5.1.1a, RF-1a,3f, VA:Re7.1.1a, VA:Re7.2.1a, SL- 2,3,4,5        VA:Cn1.1.1a    



Students will create artwork in the style of Ethan Long’s book Chamelia


Activation: Students will see the images of books written and illustrated by Ethan Long on the Smart Board. The teacher will read the book Chamelia in a read aloud format.


Lesson Objectives:                                                             

Art Focus: 

• Students will see text in book format and relate text to illustrations

• Students will compare Chamelia’s activities in the book and draw themselves as Chamelia

• Students will see how they can use the colors and patterns in the book for their own cartoon.

Students will see how art can convey a personal message through cartoons.

CCSS Focus:

Students will have fiction read to them in a read aloud format.

Students will relate to text.

Students will see how art and illustration books are related.


Explore the Artist Images:



Studio Time

Class 1: Students are introduced to Ethan Long’s books through his website on the Smart board. Students will have the story Chamelia by Ethan Long read to them. The story The New Kid in School will be read to the students in their next Library class by the Liberian. Students will be prompted to see how Chamelia stands out, how she tries something new to see if she can blend in while standing out, and how she solves her problems. Students see a demonstration of how to use an oval tracer to get the right head shape and size to draw their cartoon of themselves as “Chamelia. Students can show their favorite thing to do, a past experience or something they want to try that is new to them. The students have time to draw, outline with black Sharpie and start using color in their cartoons.

Class 2: Students will be reminded of Ethan Long’s cartoons by seeing on of his videos. Students will complete their marker drawing of themselves as Chamelia. 

Class 3: Students will be reminded of the book Chamelia that their artwork is based on. We look at the colors and design of the whole book. The frames of the book are based on the stripes of material used in the inside front and back cover.  When students are finished with their drawing they will cut the center out of an 18”X18” tag board. The students will use strips of painted papers, scrapbook paper and printed colored tape to create the frame. Using decorated tape neatens up the cut edges of the matt and helps with lining up the strips of paper.

Class 4: Students finish their projects by gluing their drawing onto a colored paper and gluing it to the back of the matt to finish their cartoon of themselves as Chamelia.



Advanced students can write a story on the plain tape areas.


Special needs students will be placed in an appropriate group with strong members. Tracers may be appropriate some students for clothing shapes. More use of tape could also be helpful to create a clean look for the matt.


Writing Connection:

Journal writing, poems, story ideas, character development, 

Explaining the steps involved in creating the art.