3rd Grade Lesson Plan for:

Scribble and Ink: Out of the Box

by Ethan Long 


Character Development Story-Collaboration Lesson with Art Teacher

Lesson plan created by Bitsy Galaska, Librarian

Robeson Elementary Center


Common Core Standards

Establish a situation and introduce a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally.

Use dialogue and descriptions of actions, thoughts, and feelings to develop experiences and events or show the response of characters to situations.


Students develop a character through descriptive writing exercise.



Not only is Ethan Long an author and illustrator, he also does character development for a Disney Junior cartoon.  Do you know what Character Development means?

Allow discussion…explain that you begin with an idea for a character, give it traits-characteristics, a setting, a problem and a solution.  And by thinking “outside the box” you can create some fun stuff.


Read the book, Scribbles and Ink: Out of the Box



·      After reading the book ask if students know what it means to “think outside the box”

·      How do you develop a character?  What do you need in character development to make that character show personality?  DETAILS!!!

·      Your details help make your character come to life.

·      The more description of your character, the better “picture” people can create in their minds and make connections to your story.  By making some kind of connection with your story/character; you will remember it better.


Guided Instruction

·      We are going to develop a character through a descriptive writing experience

·      Select a blue card out of our box.  Each blue card has an animal listed on it.

·      You will then create: 1) name for your character, 2) character traits, 3) describe your character and 4) an activity for your character to do in your story.  Drawing is optional.

·      Show students the attached example as a model…using a sunflower


Individual learning

·      Students do their rough draft in the first class and final draft in their next class.





·    Name-Susie Sunflower

·    Character traits-silly, saucy, steadfast

·    Description-tall, yellowy, green spots

·    Activity:  swimming

Silly Susie Sunflower loved to giggle and make jokes to tease her friends.  Every day Susie would stretch to the sunny sky drinking in the lovely sunshine.  She decided one day to try her skills at swimming.  She changed into her green polka-dotted bikini and swept towards the sea.

Susie tipped her roots into to cool water and declared, “Sweet-swirling onion rings…this is the setting for me!”  And there she stayed living and swimming along the sunny seaside.