Kindergarten Art Lesson Plan for:

Up, Tall and High!

by Ethan Long 


Lesson plan created by Veronica Giles, Art Teacher

Robeson Elementary Center, Birdsboro, PA


People Through Out Time all over the World People Create Art to Convey Stories



Strand 1 Through out time and all over the world people create stories that are illustrated. 


National Core    C.C.S.S.

Arts Standards     RI- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,  VA:Cr1.1.Ka, VA:Cr1.2.Ka, RF- 1a,b,c,d,3a,c, VA:Cr2.3.Ka, VA:Cr3.1.Ka, RL- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10, VA:Re.7.w.Ka, VA:Re8.1.Ka, VA:Cn11.1.Ka  



Students will create artwork in the style of Ethan Long’s book Up, Tall and High!


Activation: Students will see the images of books written and illustrated by Ethan Long on the Smart Board. The teacher will read the book Up, Tall and High in a read-aloud format.


Lesson Objectives:                                                             

Art Focus: 

Students will see text in book format and relate text to illustrations.

Students will compare the activities in the book and draw cartoon birds standing on each other.

Students will see how they can use the colors and patterns in the book for their own cartoon.

• Students will see how art can convey a personal message through cartoons.

CCSS Focus:

• Students will have fiction read to them in a read aloud format.

• Students will relate to text.

• Students will see how art and illustration books are related.


Explore the Artist Images:


Studio Time

Class 1: Students are introduced to Ethan Long’s books through his website on the Smart board. Students will have the story Up Tall! And High! by Ethan Long read to them. The story The Up Tall! And High! will also be read to the students in their next Library class by the Liberian for students to draw a connection between Art and their Library class. (see Liberians lesson plan)

Class 2:  Students will be reminded of Ethan Long’s cartoons by seeing one of his videos. Add a link? Students will complete their drawings by using black Sharpie to outline over their pencil drawings. A demonstration of how to overlap the black marker line over their pencil drawing will help students see how they need to look ahead of where their marker is located on the page to trace over the lines successfully. A demonstration on how to color in areas using a back and forth motion and looking ahead will help students understand how to control their hand and marker.

Class 3:  Students will be reminded of the book have a demonstration of how to use the glue bottle to add small amounts of glue to the back of their art and matt their images on a larger colored paper. Students will be shown how to add a variety of stickers on their matt to add a fun border to their matt and artwork.



Advanced students can write speech bubbles for onomatopoeia for their the birds.


Special needs students will be placed in an appropriate group with strong members. Tracers may be appropriate some students for different bird shapes. Templates could be used for eye circles. Stickers or giggly eyes could be used for eyes. 


Writing Connection:

Speech bubbles, journal kid writing, class poems, class story ideas, character development