Things my Mom would like you to know

My mom is extremely proud of the artist and person I have become, but she also has some things she’d like to share :)

Take it away, Mom.

When I would get up at 6 AM, Ethan would already be downstairs in his jammies hard at work . . . building with blocks, modeling with clay.
When Ethan was about 4, he was drawing the Flintstones and Peanuts characters that looked exactly like them. They were so true to form that grown men would love to be as good.
When the doctor met with me in my hospital room to sign the birth certificate, he said “Robert Ethan Long”…sounds like a writer.  I guess that was the start although it really began with art.
When he was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I asked a local artist to guide him in painting.  I particularly asked her not to enforce her style on him, but to show him how something was done.  I wanted the teacher to let him find his own style.
Ethan would work hours a day and then get so frustrated that he couldn’t get something just right that he would scream. I would make him take a break and put all away for another time. He would come back when he wasn’t so tired.
When Ethan was 3, he was making miniature clay baskets with broccoli that looked like broccoli, and tiny olives with red clay pimentos . . . it all looked very real.

Thank you, Mom. :)