More than a dozen animals salute each other with rhyming exclamations in a typically quirky offering from Long. In facing single-page vignettes, the animals smile and wave at each other: “Chirp!” says a red bird, perched on its birdhouse. “Slurp!” responds a fuzzy anteater, its snout deep in an anthill. Elsewhere, a polar bear’s “Growl!” is met by a wolf’s “Howl,” and a crow’s “Caw!” by a bucking, bucktoothed donkey’s “Hee-haw!” Zoological accuracy isn’t exactly the point (Do yaks really say “yak”?), but this friendly chain of greetings and Long’s bright, spongy-edged digital illustrations create an infectious sense of good cheer. Up to age 2. (May)

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FRIGHT CLUB was just chosen for Scholastic Book Clubs, who does extremely well with holiday tie-in titles, so FRIGHT CLUB is perfect for them!  Clubs will offer this title in October on the 1st and 2nd grade flyers and the Lucky and Firefly classic clubs. The planned price for the school market paperback edition will be $4.00. Let's give FRIGHT CLUB a round of applause!

HI! by Ethan Long earns a star from Kirkus Reviews!

“A clever, deceptively simple board book . . . Long's board-book debut proves again that he understands children and what appeals to them. A completely satisfying, age-appropriate package.”  

Author: Ethan Long, Illustrator: Ethan Long

A clever, deceptively simple board book introduces animal sounds. Long's board-book debut proves again that he understands children and what appeals to them. With just one animal per page, each with a one-word salutation, this is a board book that will speak to very young children. The greeting for each animal rhymes with that of the critter on the facing page (the owl's "Hoo" rhymes with the cow's "Moo," for instance). Sometimes the rhymes are a bit of a stretch—cat's "Meow" and dog's "Bowwow"—but since the cat and dog are often associated, it works. It also is perfect preschool logic that the duck's "Quack" would rhyme with the yak's "Yak"—and who really knows what other word a yak would use when saying hello? The illustrations are simple, stylized versions of each animal. Each picture gives a bit more information about habitat or diet, without cluttering the pages with extra words. Long brings it full circle, as a dove's "Coo" rhymes with the owl's "Hoo." An additional spread shows all the animals without the words, so children can show off the sounds they remember. The final page shows a child saying, "Hi," to his mom, who picks him up before she says, "Good-bye," to the reader. A completely satisfying, age-appropriate package. (Board book. 6 mos.-2)


Booklist Online Exclusive

Me and My Big Mouse.

Long, Ethan (Author) , Long, Ethan (Illustrator)

Jun 2014. 32 p. Amazon/Two Lions, hardcover, $16.99. (9781477847282).

Michael’s pet, Bo, is a big mouse (really big—bigger than Michael) with an outsize personality and boundless enthusiasm. A routine scamper around the house involves broken furniture and a terrified cat. Since Bo hates to be left alone, the gregarious mouse follows Michael everywhere (even to the bathroom). He tends to take over the boy’s bed, his computer, and his games with friends. After sneaking away without his pet, Michael relents and apologizes, but he lays down some rules for their future together. In this droll picture book, Long, creator of the comical Wing Wing Brothers books and the Geisel Award–winning Up! Tall! And High!(2012), features a pet as large, lovable, and trouble-prone as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Michael’s succinct, deadpan narration perfectly sets up the visual humor in the digital illustrations—energetic line drawings brightened with color washes. Fun for reading aloud and sharing with groups of children. — Carolyn Phelan