The Book That Zack Wrote

written and illustrated by Ethan Long, 2011, Blue Apple Books



"I should mention that I also got a sneaky peek look at a little of the Spring 2011 list and found something entirely unexpected. There is a book on there that I want. A cumulative book. A cumulative book that's by Ethan Long. I like Long just fine, but I've been waiting for years for the perfect Long book to come out so that I could review it. I believe that my prayers have been answered with the appearance of The Book That Zack Wrote. I've never seen a cumulative tale that actually made me laugh before. Somehow or other, Long has managed it. But you'll just have to wait to see what I mean..."

-Betsy Bird, A Fuse #8 blog on the School Library Journal website

This is the frog… that kissed the fox… that chased the pig…that oinked in the book that Zack wrote. A fresh and funny re-telling of “The House That Jack Built” with a rhyming refrain, a kooky cast of characters and comic-style illustrations. Includes a separate composition book for kids to create their own illustrated story.

Ages 5-8