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1979-1982/The Middle School Years

This is a coffee can drawn at the kitchen table of Ethan's mom's house in the Fall of 1978. It's one of the only drawings Ethan still has from this time in his life.

"My middle school years are all a blur. I drew here and there and spent some time creating, but overall, I spent a lot of time riding my bike and listening to music. There wasn't much drawing being done, unless you count the caricature of my teacher I created on a blank page in my Social Studies book, or the flip animation I drew of a stick figure burning in flames as he ran from one edge of my Math book to the other. This must have been the start of my foray into writing and drawing for books, but I do not recommend this as a career move.

Trust me, I was still drawing, but with all of the outside distractions, like sports, girls, having to go to my Mom's every other weekend,  I didn't make a whole lot of time for drawing, even though I loved it as much as I did. Video games were new on the scene back then, too, so I spent many hours at the arcade laying Tempest, or at the Texaco playing Wizard of Wor. We eventually bought an Atari system so days were wasted there, too. I became a master at Frogger.

My dad got remarried during this time as well,  and having a new "mom" and a 5 year old step brother living with us had its own complications. 

But overall, I was still the most artistic in my class and my friends knew where to go when they needed a logo for their band or a funny drawing of a kid they despised. Little did I know how these little commission jobs would set the tone for my career."


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