Here’s what’s happening at the studio these days!

Yahoo! Two more Happy County books!

Happy County logo.jpg

Publisher/Editor Christy Ottaviano at Macmillan/Holt Publishing just made an offer for two (2) more Happy County books. YAY! This will bode very well for the first two books, Hello World! and Sun and Moon Take Turns as they prepare for their Spring release. These books are so fun to create.

Scholastic Book clubs loves the construction site books!


We’ve recently licensed rights for both Excavator’s 123 and Bulldozer’s Shapes to Scholastic Book Club! It’ll be interesting to see if they do any redesigning to make the books more cost-effective. Exciting!



One of my books (which cannot be named) is currently being developed for video and TV with PBS KIDS! They have teamed up with another company (which can also not be named!) and production is going really well. Despite being unable to say much about it, it is very exciting! The release date is January 2020, so stay tuned for updates. :)

It’s an Ethan Long mural!


Lauren Zimmerman, my trusted friend and book seller, owns and operates Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park, Florida. It’s a cute store, with lots of great books and items, but recently she has decided to relocate up the street to a bigger building. It’ll have more space, more access and also a cool reading area for the kids.

That’s where I come in.

Lauren has asked me to design a mural that will span four walls and make the reading area a special place for parents, kids and caregivers to come and spend time enjoying books. The concept was designed as a “Game of Thrones” for little readers. What a fun concept! The plan is to have it completed by mid-September 2019 so if you’re in the Orlando area, swing by and see it in person. If you live far off in other lands, you’re still in luck, because I’ll be posting photos of the process as things progress. :)

Scholastic Book Fairs picks up Valensteins!


My picture book, Valensteins, published by Bloomsbury Children’s books, was recently picked up by Scholastic Book Fairs! It’ll be published as one of their cost effective paperback books and sold in schools throughout the United States. Pretty cool!