Back in the Spring of 2007, I created, wrote and produced 3 x 15-second animated shorts for Spike TV about an Evel Knievel-inspired stuntman who continued to do stunts, even after he was already dead. My buddy and colleague, Tom Labaff, came on as c0-writer, director, animator and overall moral supporter, which really made it an experience to remember. Unfortunately, the shorts never aired, but if they had, they’d be sandwiched right between UFC fights and Starsky & Hutch reruns! ;) Once we find where the finished videos are hiding, you can watch them here.

dead stuntman.jpg

Creator/Producer: Ethan Long

Creative Director: Niels Schuurmans

Animation Director: Tom Labaff

Sound Effects: Jim McManus

Voice talent/Announcer: Scott Bergman