All Publicity is good publicity . . . Right?

Over the years, kind folks in the media have taken an interest in me and the projects I’ve created. It’s fun to see one’s name in print, right? Thank you to the writers who had really nice things to say.

June 2018, Ethan Long brings whimsical public art to Edgewater Drive,  College Park Community Paper, Orlando, FL

November 2017A Walk on the Wild Side,  Entertainment Weekly, New York, NY

October 2017, Florida Book Award Winners,  Florida Humanities Council Magazine, Tallahassee, FL

December 2015, Fun/special books, Parents Magazine, New York, NY

June 2014, Author, alumni to keynote H-K Graduation, Middletown Press, Middletown, CT

September, 2013,Technicolor to Bring ‘Chamelia’ to Forum, MIPCOM, Animation Magazine

February 2013, Dr. Seuss Prize Electrifies College Park Illustrator, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL

May 2012, College Park Authors Share their Story, College Park Community Paper

October 2009, Can Spongebob, Kid's book bring big bucks to library?, by Amy C. Rippel,  The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL

January 2009, Meet Disney's New Chow Hound!, Animation Magazine

December 2008, A Dog with Taste, by Hal Boedecker, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL 

November 2008, Gather the kids around for this exclusive interview with celebrity TV chef ZeFronk, The Examiner, San Francisco, CA

July 2006, Driven to draw, by Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL

December 2005, 10 Great Children's Books, selected by Natalie Soto, Rocky Mountain News

December 2005, Don't goose this duck, by Lana Berkowitz, Houston Chronicle

September 2005, The best new stories to inspire young minds, by Julie Yates Walton, Child Magazine

July 2005, Mayor creates exclusive club–for young readers, by Mary Kelli Palka, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL

April 2005, Career day provides peek at future, by Nicole Peduzzi, Valley Times-Star, Newville, PA

February 2005, Making a splash in Vegas, Animation magazine

January 2005, Flying pigs? Animators banking on barnyard heroes, by Cindy Barth, Orlando Business Journal, Orlando, FL

September 2004, Book club gets jumpstart, by Tia Mitchell, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL

June 2004, Peyton presents literacy program for 4-year-olds, by Mary Kelly Patka, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL

March 2004, It came from Orlando/Long draws, by Kathryn Brockman, Create Magazine, Orlando, FL

March 2004, Kid's ideas inspire illustrator, by Tiffany Pakkala, The Sentinel, Carlisle, PA

September 2002, Hey kiddo, Cat Got your nose? by Heather Busch, U.S. New and World Report

August 1996, Art in the Park, by Mary O. Bradley, The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA

January 1991,Who to watch in 1991, Patricia Hewitt, Gulf Coast Magazine, Naples, FL