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Join popular and award-winning kid’s book author, TV series creator and overall funnyman Ethan Long as he shares his proven tips on stretching your body, mind and creative spirit.

Ethan has stretched his ideas into over 100 children’s books and a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, an Emmy-nominated animated TV series, his most epic children’s book series to date coming in Spring 2020, a high-profile (and secret!) project with PBS KIDS launching in January 2020, and a consistently high-paying career as a visual artist.

He can’t wait to share his story!

Flexability Feeds Creativity!

Staying flexible is the key to a fit body and a healthy mind. It’s also essential to a successful creative career. Stretching yourself artistically and maintaining flexibility keeps creative momentum flowing, invites collaboration from others and, in turn, introduces you to a broader selection of opportunities. If you’re going to be an artist, athlete, dancer, teacher, entrepreneur, or any other occupation, it normally hurts business if you stay too rigid. That’s always a good time to stretch and sketch!

Here’s the Presentation:

Ethan starts out with a short introduction, then leads the crowd into a comedic stretching routine to warm up the body and the drawing hand (complete with jumping jacks, toe-touching and finger stretching.)

After that, he’ll lead everyone into a super-fun drawing session, with a pencil and sketch book, to warm up the mind—there’ll be doodling and more doodling! Turn a squiggle into an elephant . . . or a princess . . . or man-eating monster!

But wait, there’s more!

Ethan then shifts to the main event of the session—how to stretch your creative ideas into something that others would want to buy, invest in, or collaborate on. 

Starting with a blank piece of paper, Ethan takes requests from the audience and, in an improv-comedy format, draws in real-time as the group brainstorms ideas. Seeds of ideas are sketched into characters, then stretched into stories! A cow might develop into a disco dancer, a llama may become an Indy race car driver, a panda bear might get shot out of a cannon into deep, deep space! Ethan’s energy is contagious!

He’ll share storytelling and writing tips, how to know when your idea is ready to show others and what to expect during a critique. He’ll also cover self-editing and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people during this laugh-off of epic proportions!

Ethan’s presentation will leave you with so much joy, inspiration and creative energy, you’ll want to get sketching on your next creation before you leave the room!

This is more than just an author visit! It’ll change your life!

A blank sketchbook and pencil will be provided for each attendee to draw with (and keep!)

Each presentation will last 1 hour.

All ages welcome!

Invite Ethan to Stretch and Sketch:

• In a one-on-one mentoring session!

• At a family sketch night, or multi-family sketch night!

• At a group event!

• At your elementary, middle or high school assembly!

• At a corporate meeting or function!

• Anywhere else you can think of where people gather, learn and create!


Listen to people’s reactions!

Engaging! Fun! Creative! Ethan Long sure knows how to draw a crowd (literally and figuratively!)
— Amy-Jane McWilliam, Southwest Florida Reading Festival, Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
Ethan was not only entertaining, but informative about his work and how it applies to the work that we do. He’s definitely on the list to include in future conferences and meetings!
— Teri Todd, Director of Operations, HIPPY USA, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Dear Ethan Long, you make great books in the world. Can you make more books, oh, and I like the show that you made, it was funny. It made me laugh so hard that I was crying.
— A really really big fan, International School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here ‘s a list of folks that have seen Ethan in Action!

Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena, CA

Sanford Middle School, Sanford, FL

Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK

UCF Book Festival, Orlando, FL

Mazza Museum, Findlay, OH

Barnes and Noble, Orlando, FL

Englewood Library, Denver, CO

East End Market, Orlando, FL

Bookworm Bookfest, Houston, TX

East Lake Elementary, Orlando, FL

Lake Mary Montessori, Lake Mary, FL

Glendale Heights School District, Chicago, IL

Grand Avenue Elementary, Orlando, FL

McCoy Elementary School, Orlando, FL

Mrs. Nelson’s Books, San Demus, CA

Millennia Elementary School, Orlando, FL

Ocoee Elementary School, Ocoee, FL

Tinker Elementary, MacDill A.F. Base, Tampa, FL

USF Click Conference, Tampa, FL

Embassy Elementary, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Princeton Elementary, Orlando, FL

The Strand, New York, NY

Evans High School, Orlando, FL

Keene’s Crossing, Windermere, FL

Muhlenberg School District, Lancaster, PA

KidsFest, Orlando, FL

Church on the Drive, Orlando, FL

National Book Awards, Washington, DC

Franklin Road Academy, Nashville, TN

LibCon, Orlando Public Library, Orlando, FL

The Khalsa Family, Orlando, FL

Page 15/Urban-Think Foundation, Orlando, FL

Writer’s Block Bookstore, Winter Park, FL

Twin Valley School District, Birdsboro, PA

UCF Literary Symposium, Orlando, FL

Winter Park Library, Winter Park, FL

AIGA Orlando ReSolutions, Orlando, FL

FAME Conference, Orlando, FL

Harding Academy, Nashville, TN

South Florida SCBWI, Boynton Beach, FL

Boys and Girls Club, Orlando, FL

Jacksonville Book Festival, Jacksonville, FL

L.C. Kerr Elementary School, Clinton, NC

SIBA Discovery Show, Tampa, FL

International School of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cypress Fairbanks, School District, Houston, TX

Pinewoods Elementary, Estero, FL

Galileo School, Sanford, FL

Pages Bookstore, Manhattan Beach, CA

SW Florida Reading Festival, Ft. Myers, FL

St. Edwards School (K-12), Vero Beach, FL

Arlington Heights School District, Chicago, IL

Howard Middle School, Orlando, FL

Lake Highland Prep. School (K-12), Orlando, FL

Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL

Nickelodeon Studios, New York, NY


You’re next on the list!

Let’s get stretching and sketching!