WOW! They’re saying Great things!

"I met Ethan Long for the first time a few months ago when he shared his stories at the Bookworm Festival in Houston, Texas.  What a treat!  He is just as much fun and just as entertaining as his books!  He loves books and stories and kids and being around other people who love books and stories and kids.  The kids loved him and so did the adults who interacted with him.  He was a joy to work with.  I just can’t recommend him highly enough! Ethan is the real deal!"

–Melanie Scales, School Librarian & Bookworm Festival Chair, Houston, Texas, USA

"Ethan brought an extra level of fun to the Englewood Public Library Summary Reading Program. Entertaining, creative and fun, Ethan kept the kids engaged and involved. His interactive, high-energy presentation style worked for all ages: baby to pre-teen. We all loved watching him create scenes for our story character, Lily the Koala, in just a matter of seconds!"

 –Kimberly Powers, Children’s Librarian, Englewood Public Library, Englewood, Colorado, USA

"Dear Ethan Long, your books are the best books I ever read in my whole life and I am so excited that I saw you at my school today. And can you write more books and plus I like the show you made Tasty Time with Zefronk.”

–big fan, Frasier Elementary School, Houston, Texas, USA

“When the doctor met with me in my hospital room to sign the birth certificate, he said “Robert Ethan Long”…sounds like a writer. I guess that was the start although it really began with art.”

–Ethan’s Mom

“Ethan Long visited Grand Avenue Learning Center yesterday and the teachers already asked me if he could come back next year.  The second grade children were in the media center this morning trying to draw snakes with funny faces like Ethan did and the books on his book display are all checked out and it is only 9:20 AM.  I would say Ethan’s visit went very well."

–Nancy Pelser-Borowicz, Media Specialist, Grand Ave. Learning Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

"My son, Lucas, was thrilled with your visit to the International School of Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to share that Lucas says now that besides his plans of being an Astronaut and Football player, he also would like to be "AN ILLUSTRATOR, JUST LIKE ETHAN LONG". Thanks for your visit and for inspiring the little ones! 

–A grateful parent, International School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Robeson Elementary Center loves Ethan Long!  The art teacher, Veronica Giles, and I prepared for his visit for two months, because it’s not every day you get to share time with a famous author that was once just like our students. He really connected with the students and talked not only of his craft…but also what it was like for him as a student at Robeson Elementary Center.  The students especially appreciated how he “drew a story” right before their very eyes.  His high energy level kept the students engaged and fascinated. I highly recommend Ethan as a visiting author.  He mixes his humor, artistic talent and storytelling skills into a day of fun for everyone!"

–Bitsy Galaska, Librarian, Robeson Elementary Center, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you to Mr. Ethan Long, who kicked off our Artist Talk series today. Visual Arts students got to hear about his journey as an artist and the importance of developing a style, perseverance, and letting art be an avenue for making great choices in life."

–Clinton McCracken, VPA Magnet Director, Howard Middle School, Orlando, Florida, USA

"Dear Ethan Long, I love your books and thank you for coming to my school and can you make more books and can you make more Chamelia books. You are so nice.”

–A really big fan, Copeland Elementary School, Houston, Texas, USA

"Ethan provided a lively presentation! He solicited ideas from the audience and then drew characters and told a whole story with them. The story included all the elements, characters, setting, problem and solution. He presented for all grades levels K- 5. I received positive feedback from the students and staff at the school and afterwards the students wanted to check out all his books from the Media Center. Ethan was happy, energetic, positive and friendly to everyone and was happy to pose for pictures and answer questions."

–Isabel Turner, Media Specialist, Ocoee Elementary School, Ocoee, Florida, USA

"Dear Ethan Long, you make great books in the world. Can you make more books, oh, and I like the show that you made, it was funny. It made me laugh so hard that I was crying."

–A really really big fan, International School of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Engaging! Fun! Creative! Ethan Long sure knows how to draw a crowd (literally and figuratively). As a featured author at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival, Ethan was able to describe his writing process and illustration techniques in a way that connected with the imaginations of a diverse group of kids. His audience represented a very broad age range but Ethan’s ability to tailor his tone and approach is inclusive and he encouraged everyone to participate. Afterwards, Ethan took the time to speak with children and families one-on-one and sign their books. We are honored that Ethan was able to visit with us and share his stories with our community."

–Amy-Jane McWilliam, Southwest Florida Reading Festival, Ft. Myers, Florida, USA

"Ethan was not only entertaining, but informative about his work and how it applies to the work that we do. When evaluating his workshop, our conference attendees shared that they enjoyed his energy and storytelling techniques. He’s definitely on the list to include in future conferences and meetings!"

–Teri Todd, Director of Operations, HIPPY USA, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA